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  • Causes and Treatment for Outer, Side, and Inner Hip Pain

    There are many possible causes of hip pain. They include serious ones, like a fracture or joint infection, and less serious causes, like bursitis.1 Your healthcare provider can diagnose the cause and help to plan your treatment.

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  • How To Relieve Hip Pain

    Hip pain can be caused by overuse or damage to the hip joint, cartilage, or surrounding muscles, and can significantly impact your ability to perform everyday activities, including walking, going up and down stairs, and sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time.

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  • 12 Natural Pain Relief Tips for Knee Osteoarthritis

    Medications, such as anti-inflammatories and injections of corticosteroids or hyaluronic acid, are often prescribed to treat osteoarthritis knee pain. But those aren’t your only options. Natural remedies can also be used to ease knee pain and improve your quality of life, often in combination with conventional treatments.

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  • Patient-specific screening tool calculates risk of periprosthetic fracture after THA

    A patient-specific screening tool successfully identified risk factors for periprosthetic femur fracture among patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty, according to presented results.

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  • What Type of Hip Replacement Implant Is Best?

    There are many orthopedic manufacturing companies that produce different implants used in hip replacement surgery. Most of these companies make several different hip replacement prostheses. Is there a way to determine which hip replacement implant is best?

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